Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I hope that something exciting happens to be able to post about...or this will be the most boring blog ever!
I watched bit & pieces of the Michael Jackson memorial service and I realized that I have the Thriller record album. So I'm going to see if my mom can find it and then sell it & make big bucks!! hoho!
I'm kind of in a state of delirium today...we are passing around some sort of stomach bug. Maybe that's where the idea for selling Michael Jackson memorabilia came from.


  1. Hope you guys are feeling better and had a good weekend (I heard about your neighbors dog- so sad!)

  2. I can just picture you dancing to Thriller back in the day! ;)

    Hope you're all doing better! :/ How was Phil's bike race thingy?

  3. Hi, Jen,
    This is your Aunt Carolyn. Drop on over to my blog where you'll find links to all of my family's blogs. You'll need an invite to view most of them so I'll send you an invite.

  4. Hey Jen, I found your link on Kimberly's blog. I am glad you are blogging, now let's see some pictures of your cute family!